Meditation Classes

It feels important now, more than ever, to look after ourselves

Looking after yourself is essential not only for your own health and well-being, but also for those around you. No-one can pour from an empty cup. Meditation has been shown time and time again to improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being on a number of levels. Meditation can also help us navigate any spiritual journey we may already be on or wish to embark upon.

A regular meditation practice can help address chronic and acute stress, improve fatigue and sleep problems, balance monthly hormone levels, assuage the symptoms of menopause, manage weight and skin issues, and build confidence and self-worth. All while working on finding the patience and kindness we know is within our hearts.

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Online Meditation Classes

All sessions are currently offered via Zoom with the intention of some being in-person as soon as COVID-19 restrictions allow.

One-to-one sessions

One-to-one sessions are available, where together we can find a meditation practice which resonates with you and help embed meditation into your life.

For all enquiries please get in touch.

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Meditation Classes and Courses

Morning Classes

Meditating first thing in the morning can set your trajectory for the rest of the day. Start your day finding some stillness and silence within, and away from the news, for an immediate pick me up! And it just might last all day!  

30 minute sessions via zoom. Everyone is welcome! 

Mondays6.45amStart your week with me and set your intentions for the week ahead
Wednesdays7amHow is your week going?  Not so good? Let’s stop, take some deep breaths together and re-group. Having a good week? Great – let’s meditate and keep flying high!
Fridays7.15amFeel the benefits of meditating in the morning as your work week draws to a close

Lunchtime Classes

You do not always have to be doing something. Take time at lunchtime to meditate, and then have your lunch. We will learn different types of meditation in our lunchtime sessions. 

30 minute sessions via zoom. Everyone is welcome!

Fridays12 noonTake a break in the middle of your day to pause and just be
Afternoon Classes

Let go of all that has happened today. Meditating in the late afternoon helps you release everything you do not want to take into your dinner time and evening. My meditation teacher calls it your “emotional poop” of the day! 

30 minute sessions via zoom. Everyone is welcome! 

Tuesdays5pmTake 30 minutes for yourself and release what no longer serves you
Thursdays4.30pmLet your day go and press reset for your evening 
Evening Classes

Deep relaxation meditations help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep. You may want to lie down for this class so please ensure you are in a quiet space, dim the lights, have a blanket and cushions nearby to keep you warm and comfortable. 

45 minute sessions via zoom. Everyone is welcome! 

Thursdays8pmRelax, unwind, carve out a little time to chill out and meditate


Burning Brightly Circles are a safe space to hang out, discuss a topic, share your experience and meditate. Bring a cup of tea and an open mind. 

Circles are one hour on zoom. 

Monday12 noonShakti Goddess Circle. Find your fabulous feminine! The Shakti Goddess Circle is a women’s weekly meditation group where we discuss spirituality, health, self-care and a whole load more!
Introduction to Meditation Course
Mondays7.15pmA six-week course to help introduce the different types of meditation, debunk the myths and explore the many health benefits of meditation. Classes are 45 minutes on Zoom. Everyone is welcome. 

The course runs for six consecutive weeks. Please check the timetable for current course dates.
Meditation Workshops

Coming Soon!

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Meditating with Suzi has deepened my practice. She is an inspirational teacher, knowledgeable and kind. 

Clare, Grace and Ease Meditation, Nottingham 

Meditation is a safe and effective stress management tool. However, if you have any of the following conditions – Clinical Depression, Bipolar, Epilepsy or Schizophrenia – and you are under the supervision of a GP or mental health care professional and you do not currently meditate, please discuss meditation with them and let them know your intention to join a meditation class.